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June 1, 2012 Why do natural organic skin care products cost more?

The better the quality of the skin care product, the more natural and organic ingredients it will contain. The lower quality products are made with synthetic ingredients such as mineral oil and fragrances, plus many chemicals that imitate natural ingredients. White mineral oil in cosmetics is a highly refined and purified mined by-product of the petroleum industry. The safety of mineral oil is debatable and it is a dead oil contributing no vitamins or nutrients to products made with it. It is produced in abundance so it’s cost is very minimal to the cosmetic industry. Often, companies will add vitamins to their cosmetics because the mineral oil used as their base offers no benefit to skin other than a moisture barrier. Artificial fragrances are merely a combination of chemicals and are added to cosmetics because they are very inexpensive and have a strong scent. The artificial chemicals that give the fragrance it’s long lasting scent are highly toxic but never listed on the ingredients list because the percentage is so small.

In contrast, natural plant oils contain an abundance of nutrients and vitamins that benefit skin. Natural products tend to have a shorter ingredient list because less ingredients are needed to make a great skin care product. Natural products are scented with essential oils which offer not only wonderful scents but they offer many healing properties. Essential oils are made of the vital oils of plants. It takes thousands of flowers, leaves, or other plant parts to make a small amount of essential oil. So why do natural organic skin care products cost more. They have much higher quality ingredients and offer more for your skin’s health.

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