Mount of Olives Soap Nut Powder

100% Soapnut Powder

Mount of Olives Soap Nut Powder
This is pure ground Soap Nuts. Actually not nuts but the fruit of the tree. This powder can be used to clean almost anything and is great for the environment and your septic tank. Soap nuts are anti-bacterial and leave clothes and diapers smelling fresh and clean. They leave your clothing feeling soft naturally. Most people use it to in place of laundry detergent and fabric softener. Great for people with sensitive skin since your body absorbs the soap chemicals from your clothes when you perspire. The more you use the Soap Nut Powder, the softer the clothes get as the residue from the commercial laundry detergent is removed from the fibers of the fabric. Our powder comes with a 1 teaspoon scoop and is labeled with directions for use in the laundry, dishwasher, and for making a liquid concentrate. This is the sapindus trifoliatus soap nuts. They are the most economical for use with laundry. They clean just as well as the more expensive variety and you will use the same amount. The main difference is the the sapindus trifoliatus is a lower foaming soap nut.

It only take one teaspoon to wash an extra large load of clothes. You do have to make it like a tea for best results. I add a cup or two of hot water from the tap to the teaspoon of powder before I fill the washer. Then I fill the washer with clothes and water (any temperature). After the washer fills, I add the Soap Nut Powder tea. If you have kids or usually pre-treat stains, you should continue to do this. I hear this powder works great on cloth diapers, also. I don’t have cloth diapers, so I haven’t tried it.

For cloth diapers it is recommended that you soak all diapers in borax or washing soda till you are ready to wash them to prevent stains. If there is debris in them you should prewash or rinse them before washing. Then wash as usual with the soap nut powder. For extra whitening add borax with the soap nut powder while washing. Try it without the borax first to see if the borax is even necessary. Usually they won’t need it if you are soaking the diapers in borax water till the washing time.

Some recommend that you pour it through a sieve to avoid clogging the washer. the particles are quite small so I don’t find it necessary. I figure the washers held up to all my kids and these particles are nothing like the stuff from our yard and land the washer gets off our kids clothes. Because soap nuts are natural, don’t expect to be able to leave your clothes sit after washing for another day in the washer before drying or they will lose their fresh clean smell and need rewashed. There are no chemicals to preserve the clothes.

When you make the concentrated liquid cleaner(tea) it can be diluted for many purposes. It can be used to clean hair, skin, babies, and pets. It leaves hair soft even without hair conditioner. It is reported to help those with eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Make the soap nut tea and add to the bath water for bathing babies, children, or pets. It has properties that will discourage pest like fleas or lice when used for bathing. It leaves your dog feeling like it has puppy fur again, because it is so soft and shiny. My six year old likes to take baths and get her hair wet. It left her hair real soft and shiny.

My kids tell me it cleans great in a spray bottle for the kitchen. I still like to add lemon oil to the spray cleaner, but its not necessary for general cleaning. To make up spray cleaner, use 1/4 cup Soap Nut Tea per 32 oz. bottle of water. Add 1 teaspoon lemon essential oil for extra greasy cutting and disinfecting if you want. I would try it both ways and decide how you like it. Use it to clean spots from furniture and the carpet. If you add the lemon oil, it will remove crayon from walls.

The best part of all is that it actually cost less than commercial laundry soap and softener. The cost is about 17 cents for a large load of laundry. When you add together the laundry soap price and the softener price you save, it cost on average about 1/2 or 1/3 less to wash clothes. Because the container is so small, it takes very little space to store it compared to two large containers for the laundry soap and fabric softener.

All Natural All-Purpose Spray Cleaner with Soap Nut Tea
1/4 cups Soap Nut Tea
32 oz. Spray Bottle with enough distilled water to fill it
1 t. lemon essential oil (optional for extra grease cutting & removing crayon from wall)
Add 1 T. alcohol of some kind for a preservative (optional)
Add all to the bottle and shake. Shake often or before uses.

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