All Natural Jewel Weed Ointment

Jewel Weed Ointment

Naturally contains some of the same active ingredients that are in Preparation H. Made with wild Jewel Weed. Help heal, stop itching, and spread of poison ivy and other poison plant rashes. Use for mild athlete’s foot, ring worm, warts, insect stings & bites. For severe fungal infections on the skin like bad athlete’s foot, ring worm, eczema or psoriasis use the complete rash ointment. The ointment is available in pure without essential oils and regular with the essential oils. The pure is for use on sensitive areas of the body that the essential oils might irritate and for use on psoriasis. The regular has essential oils that help stop the itching of plant rashes.

We also sell Neem Rash-Aid soap which is good for all types of rashes, poison plant rashes, acne, and any skin irritations such as insect bites, etc. It is a great compliment to the Jewel Weed Ointment.

Wild harvested Jewel Weed infused Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Peppermint & Tea Tree Pure Essential Oils

Regular ointment 2 oz. tin

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