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Mount of Olives Soap is a Michigan company born out of a desire to give average consumers affordable healthy personal care products. We want healthy products available to the general public not just the few privileged. Most products from other companies claiming to be organic or natural are far from either claim. Some products they label organic only contain a small fraction of organic ingredients. Other companies claim their products contain a rather high percentage of organic ingredients yet are including ingredients such as water as nearly its entire organic claim. The other portion of their ingredients may be a small percentage organic mixed with questionable chemicals. With most companies the word organic or natural on a label doesn’t mean anything.

Our philosophy at Mount of Olives Soap is simple. We believe that all that God made is a good. God made us and gave us what we needed for health. We try to stay as close to the natural creation of God as possible. Mankind has made many things that have altered God’s original design with consequences to the health of man and the earth. Man was placed on earth to care for the God’s creation and earth, not to harm or destroy it. And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. Gen. 2:15 A more modern way to read this would be that he was put in the garden to cultivate and preserve it. We believe God wanted man to improve the land and protect it. We do our best to work with nature and combine the natural ingredients God created into personal care products without altering their natural healthy state. Mount of Olives Soap strives to offer truly all-natural personal care products to consumers.
We use organic ingredients when they can be included without driving the price out of the price range that an average family could afford. Many ingredients do not need to be certified organic which only adds to the cost because some plants simply do not require pesticides to be grown successfully. Herbs are like weeds and grow wild naturally without the need for pesticides. Most medicinal herbs have natural defenses against pest and disease so they do not require any special intervention to grown them successfully. All the herbs used in our products are certified organic and a few are wild harvested from pesticide free lands. We have been growing herbs for years and have never seen one that had problems with pest or disease.

We stay away from including oils from plants that require high amount of pesticides in farming or that have organic prices that double and triple the cost of manufacturing the product. Our ingredients are carefully chosen based on how healthy and natural they truly are and whether the additional cost of organic adds value to the product, not just cost. We do use as many organic ingredients as we can depending on availability and price. We do not label a product organic unless it is 100% or nearly 100% organic.

Some other features of our company are that we are Cruelty-Free, all of our products are Biodegradable, our products are Vegetarian, many products are Nut-Free and we do not use any peanut oil, and our containers are Recyclable. None of our containers are PVC meaning they are free of phthalates. We do not use any Fragrances so our products are all phthalate-free.

Here is a little background of our company. I started making soap about 25 years ago. My first soaps were like Grandma’s soap made with lye and tallow. I found it fun to learn the lost art of soap making from Jim’s Grandma and Mother. I wasn’t too fond of the soap though so I only used it for spot cleaning laundry. Later, my husband developed skin ulcers that we traced to the use of commercial soap. My daughter also reacted to using soap. We were unable to find any natural alternative in the local health food stores so I found a book about soap making and started making Olive Oil Soap for the whole family. For several years I made a years worth of soap just for our family every fall. As my children matured we found that other skin care products were quite irritating to our skin. One of my daughters came home one day with a book about making natural cosmetics. This was the beginning to making cosmetics. Since that time, having a Bachelor of Science Degree from Eastern Michigan University, I have researched and developed all my own personal care product formulas. We began selling online at the beginning of 2007. All of our formulas were developed for our own family and friends out of our desire to replace necessary commercial products containing chemicals with affordable natural alternatives.
We are conservative Christians and our company policies reflect our beliefs. We would like to invite you to come join us for church. We would love to meet you and I am sure you would love the service.

Pastor Daniel White (517) 768-0879
Fellowship Baptist Church
3200 Reed Rd.
Clark Lake, Michigan 49234
http://fbcclarklake.org/ To hear a sermon: Scroll to the bottom on the right and chose a sermon under catagories.

Other great sermons: http://www.heartcrymissionary.com/resources/sermons/paul_washer

The church is at the corner of US127 and Reed Rd. between US12 and M-50 (south of Jackson), across from the road side park.

Please contact me, Sandra, with any questions or for more information.

If you need to talk in person, you may call, but any of our children could answer the phone, so be patient. Also, we are very busy so I am in and out a lot. cell (517)812-6858.

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